Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Always nice: Endless loop scarves!

I wanted to sew a loop scarf for a while now, but I didn't find nice fabric to make one. 

Now I've found beautiful jersey fabric and made two of them. Both are really cozy but the brown geisha-scarf is a little wider and I guess it would be perfect for autumn while the blue-yellow one is a good spring or summer scarf. But I'll need a lighter one for the summer, too. 
I'll keep an eye out for some nice fabric and show it to you when it's ready.

(You can find a tutorial on Happy Serendipity for example.)

Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Little spring project

Hey there again!

I guess with all the sunshine-outdoor-activities in the last weeks I kind of lost sight of the blog. But at least there was some crafting lately!
I've made a little baby beanie hat and a matching scarf. This is a very satisfying project by the way. It is quick and practical.


The scarf is a simple triangle-scarf with a zig-zag-seam all around. No secrets :-)

And the beanie consists of two parts: 


You can copy the pattern from a beanie hat that fits the baby right now:

I usually fold the paper and cut it out to get a symmetrical pattern:

Then I sewed the parts together. I had to use the strech-zig-zag-stich because I dont't have another one. You can use the simple strech stich, of course. It is even better because the seam won't crimp.

Now you fix the second part:

Ok, and then you only need to sew the brim on by using a blind stich. (On the right side, of course) 

And because I liked the first one I made a second one. But this time more colourful.

That's it... Easy as I promised. Give it a try!