Donnerstag, 26. April 2012


Sometimes I'm really bored with all those clothes that look the same. But to find something original you have to search intensely or spend a lot of money. Unless you make your clothes unique by appliqué!

I bought some unexpensive basic shirts, digged up some fabric remnants and started to applique. I don't know if I told you earlier that there is an adhesive film called "Vliesofix"  (at least in Germany) which helps you to fix the fabric on the shirts before you start with the zig-zag seam. I really recommend to use it as it makes appliqué so much easier. Otherwise the fabric is constantly moving or crimpling. 
I used cotton shirts and for the applications cotton fabric or nicky/velour. (Everything prewashed, of course.) 
For the motives just let your imagination run wild. (But consider that many details will take time!)

These are mine (click to enlarge):