Sonntag, 27. November 2011

There it is... Advent!

This year I was really looking forward to it. Christmas seems so magic when you have a kid around! Although Lucas is only 10 months old he enjoys the illuminated city with all its twinkling lights. Friday started the Christmasmarket in our town and you could see his amazement as we where visiting it.
Here are some impressions of the market for you. I hope you can apreciate the atmosphere although these are low quality mobile pics.

And today's not only the first sunday of Advent but also my nieces' 9th birthday. And she wished for an Adventcalendar. So I started crafting and made a wood deer on which I hang all 24 presents (well, better to say 25 because she has one extra birthday present on it ;-) ).
It measures aproximately 1,00 x 0,80m and is made out of chipboard.
I saw the idea 10 years ago in a magazine, cut out the foto and stored it since this year when I finally got the chance to realize it. Therefore I made a pattern and copied it onto the chipboard, then I cut it out with a compass saw, screwed it toghether and painted it. At last I drilled a hook into the back of the deer and hang the presents on it. 
And here it is. At first the front side: 

 And now the backside:

So... I hope my niece will enjoy it and to all of you I wish a delightful Advent! 
(And as my Adventdecorations are the same then last year, you can check them out here if you like :-) )

Samstag, 26. November 2011

Wedding part 2

A few days ago I showed you the guestbook-masks I made for our friends' wedding. Now I wanna show you part 2 of the wedding present. I saw the idea on pinterest and thought that it would perfectly go with the modern style that bride and groom have at home. So I made a typographic design in black and white. It tells in very short terms the stages of their relationship.
For the realisation I used Adobe Photoshop but I had to compose the text word by word because photoshop doesn't support the "grouped style". It took me like three hours, I think.
At first I planned to paint the image by hand on canvas but as the surface was very uneven I decided to order it on a printshop and I was very satisfied with the result. I never would have achieved such a neat and sharp font with handpainting. So it was a good decision, I guess.

Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Wedding time!

Yesterday my husband and I went to the wedding of one of our closest friends. Since I was the maid of honour I wanted to make something special for the happy couple and asked the all knowing internet for help. And of course I got an answer :-)
I found some funny masks, beards, glasses and accessories on sticks which you can hold in front of your face. And as I was in charge of making the guestbook fotos it was a perfect complement to the pictures.
So I got my hot-melt gun started, drew, cut out and made more than 30 masks.
For better fotos I improvised a white bed sheet on which I put some golden dots I made of a self-adhesive film I had bought on a copyshop before.
This morning I've took some pictures of the masks to show it to you. Perhaps it would be a nice idea for the next wedding you go to?


Samstag, 12. November 2011

As promised...

... this time I'll show you my atumn door wreath. I didn't want  such an abundant heavy wreath like I had last autumn. If you didn't remember what it looked like check it here.
No, this time I wanted it simpler, more reduced and a little bit folksy, too. And here is the result. Do you like it? Please click to enlarge. :-)

Samstag, 5. November 2011

Back again!

Ok... help me out... when did I write the last post again? What? Are you kidding me? In august? ... 1,2....3 months??? No way! ... What did I do all this time?

hmmm, let me think about it...

At first we went on a large summer vacation to Spain and presented little Lucas to his great-grandparents and to a huge amount of relatives and showed him the beautiful forests, the beaches, the sea... This project took us almost four weeks.

But wow... this seems an eternity away. What did I do after that? Oh... yes, I remember. When we came back there was a lot of work waiting for us, all above for my husband who had to travel a lot. So I was two weeks alone with the baby and was busy mastering our daily live.

And in between I was really lazy and didn't create much. I made a wedding present for friends, but forgot to make a foto of it...*facepalm*
But some days ago I made some autumn-decorations which I hope to show you soon.

But now that the days are short, the weather becomes worse (although we have a wonderful autumn with 20°C at the moment) and I'm joining a new sewing class on monday I hope to get some things done.

So... I'm looking forward to share my projects with you again and would love to have some feedback, ideas, inspiration, critics or just some chats with you guys.

I'm looking forward to a crafty autumn or rather winter ;-)