Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Let's say it's a compromise

To be honest I don't like the apple products... o.k. I admit that the design is good... yeah, well the functions are good, too... o.k. ... but ... hmm... this whole i-marketing really, really annoys me! Ipad, Ipod, Imac, Iphone, Itunes, etc. etc. ...
But lately my husband passed his old Ipod on to me. (yes... because he bought an iphone, of course... really guys, what is it with it?)
And... *sigh*... the ipod was too sexy to repell it... I was too weak. Shame on me. But I really wasn't ready to become an I-owner... I had bitched too often about it. And I have my proud, you know. And... grrrr... to use the ipod properly it is necessary to use itunes. And this would mean that apple finally gets me. I really was in kind of a dilemma.
So the ipod layed in my crafting room for weeks and I tried to forget it. But yesterday I finally decided to take this symbol of mainstream to my territory. I forced it to be (at least a little bit) individual - and I don't mean the engraving on the back. No! I made it the crafting way: I made a hippy-like ipod case! Yes... It's colourful, it's unconventional, it's unique and all above: It's imperfect!!!

Here it is:

Montag, 16. Mai 2011

I love papier maché

This is my first papier maché project and I must say that I loved working with it. It is easy to handle and the result is great.
First I made a skeleton of wire-mesh fence. (hmmm. I really should start making fotos of the working steps ;-) ) and fixed it to the board which was a chopping board by the way. And luckily it had a little metal holder which is perfect to hang it up. I formed the antlers with a simple wire.
Then I fixed paper shreds with wallpaper glue on the skeleton. And after it dried I painted it with acrylics. At first I wanted it to look like a realistic but colouful deer trophy, but then, when I modelled the eyes I loved the comic version .
I hope the next project becomes even better and really I encourage you to try it, too. (It´s rainy today so I made the fotos with flash... Without the glow effects it looks even better ;-) )

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

My first Collage

As I told you I was working on a little project and here it is.
It's a christening present for my friend's daughter - and my goddaughter by the way ;-).

I took the idea from a book by Bine Brändle. In the 90s she was elected Germanys best do-it-yourselfer and got a slot on a daily TV-show where she presented her projects. In this book she compiles her art and crafting ideas and shows part of her colourful home.
I think it's really gorgeous.

And here is her idea for a Pop-Art-Collage. She made it with coloured copies which she glued to a canvas.

My version is a little different: I made coloured copies, too, but I also used present paper in the background. But at first I made a mistake: I put the fotos of the baby on the present paper and it looked great, but when I applied the final varnish the fotos became transparent and the present paper shined through. grr... so I had to make it again. And this time I cut out the silhouette of the baby from the present paper first and then glued the heads ... But hey... the second version looks even better then the first one, I think :-)
Here's the result:

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

Pretty handmade dinoblanket

Hey there again. Today I wanna show you a really lovely blanket which my sister-in-law made for little Lucas. Isn't it beautiful? I love it and I'm sure Lucas will love it too, when he grows older. Who else has such a great blanket with dinosaurs and his name on it?

By the way... I'm crafting again (in the little spare time Lucas is leaving me) and I hope to show you the results in the next couple of days. So stop by once in a while... ;-)