Sonntag, 11. April 2010

Another one!

Although it looks like my last patchwork-blanket, this one is totally different. I made it as a birthday present for my friend who loved the colours of the cover I made in January.
But I had much trouble with my first cover because it was too thick and it had two different fabrics (fleece and cotton). It was very difficult to sew and impossible to quilt because of the slipping and streching surfaces.
So this time I used only cotton fabrics and it worked so much better. And I didn´t make it so thick. I chose the thinest batting. This means, of course, that this blanket isn't quite as cozy as the last one - it rather is a spring and sommer blanket, but I was able to quilt a little bit for the first time. Nothing special... only some squares, but I was so happy that it worked out.
And this time I didn't sew it inside out. Like this it was easy to adjust the two parts of the cover and the batting. But of course that means that I had to figure out a nice finish for the edges - I chose a satin ribbon as you can see below.
I've learnt so much with this cover that I´m really looking forward to the next one now!

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