Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

Hmmmm...... Yummy!

Today I transformed our kitchen in a temporary bakery and made some cookies for my birthday coffee party.

The pistachio-cookies are fun and have a nice look (oh boy... even my cookies are green!), but I have to say that the taste is a little disappointing - it tastes only sweet... what a pitty with all the pistachios in it. Next time I have to pimp the recipe ... hmm... perhaps with some liquor :-) ... ok... some spice will also do.

After that I made some shortbread. Im my opinion shortbread is always great - for breakfast, at tea-time, after dinner... I love it. (The recipe is from Martha Stewart again - you´ll find the recipe link in an older post - I think it was in april)

Tomorrow I will bake some peanut-butter-cupcakes and a damson-plum-cake. I hope to have some time soon to post the recipes so you can try these delicious treats yourself.

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