Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Do you remember...

... the basket with the knitted squares?

All summer long I was knitting and knitting not sure if I would ever finish the baby blanket. I must admit that I´m not the greatest knitter and so the patchwork pieces became very irregular at the edges. This made it really hard for me to sew the squares together because I got ugly uneven seams.

... So... what was I supposed to do?

Well... I asked my mummy for help :-)
... and although she swore a little while she was sewing (Literally she said: " If it wasn´t for the love you made the squares with I would throw it all away!" :-) ) she finally did it ! Yeay!
And after sewing she made a nice crocheted border.

Here´s the result. I would say it was totally worth the effort.
And there is a first baby blanket fan, too. :-)

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