Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

Welcome the outdoor season!

The weather is getting better, sun is shining, birds are singing... you know what this means: It's picnic time! 
But as the ground is still cold and sometimes a little wet a picnic blanket would come in handy.
For this one ( aprox. 1,45m x 1,45m) I used oilcloth that I bought from IKEA (there are different colours) and a ready-made fleece blanket. If you want it to be extra cozy you can insert some batting. 
So it was a really unexpensive and fast project.

Enjoy springtime everybody!


  1. Could you tell me what is the German for oilcloth so that I can look in my Ikea too? was planning on going on Sat. anyway :)

  2. Yes, of course. It's called "Wachstuch", you'll find it in the fabric department downstairs.

  3. I'll have a look then, thanks! :)