Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

If spring doesn´t come...

Brr... it´s so cold in Germany. This doesn´t feel like spring at all! I can´t wait to lie in the garden and eat some sweet strawberries, but for a start I had to content myself with some nice strawberry-prints.

So, I sewed some dish towels and made some rubber-stamps...

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But there is a whole story behind it:

Two years ago I discovered the amazing world of rubber stamping and was fascinated. I searched for ideas (and found a lot), then I looked for suppliers to buy all the stuff I would need to make my own stamps. But I had to realise that it is impossible to get the carving blocks in Germany. Although I knew the producers, went to crafting-fairs and contacted big suppliers nobody could help. Many of the American suppliers don’t ship to Germany or the shipping costs are extremely high. So... I resigned and worked with small school rubbers... (but secretly I dreamed of my own huge import business for rubber-blocks and the enormous fortune I would made out of it, waaahaaahaaarrr :-)

But then... two weeks ago as I was dandering through Madrid the miracle happened:

I walked by a small art supply shop and saw a carving block on the showcase! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Overwhelmed I bought a few of them and couldn`t wait to get home and try them out!

( I was so happy that I had enough space in my suitcase!)

So... here are my first experiments with the big carving blocks:

And as I told you - Strawberries in my garden!

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