Dienstag, 21. September 2010

Pregnancy Project #2

Hey there!

... the things that seem the easiest to do could turn out to be the most complicated, I tell you.
Last week I thought: "Wow... a maternity belly band - what an easy and nice craft to do this afternoon. The pattern would be easy. I have to sew kind of a tube - no problem."

But when I took my measurements I already noticed, that it couldn´t be a tube, because my chest measurement is only 82 cm while my hips need icredible 11o cm.
Soooo, I thought it was clear: I needed to sew a trapeze. No problem.

But as I was sewing I realised that a trapeze would meen a little triangle-tail on my bottom.

So... impatiently I decided to cut off the triangle (yeah... I know this kind of improvisation is the opposite of neat needlecrafting... but working neatly is not my style, I fear) and finally I realised that the pattern has to be like an unfolded cone. ...

After this perception I hope that the next belly band will really be an easy project. But we will see.
This one became a nice one after all. I like it and wear it a lot.

Hoping to show you more soon.

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