Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Tataaa! Pregnancy Project #4

Hey... did I promise too much? Here we go with maternity project number four!

I made this cover for my best friends' nursing pillow. She chose the fabric an I tried to make a pattern that would fit the pillow.

- Again, not so easy as I thought! The pillow is in 3D while the pattern is in 2D... This means a lot of improvisation I can tell :-) But finally it worked out well.
And even the patch I had to made because of a little accident :-) looks cute.

Now I have to work the seams over because I didn't use the zig-zag-stich on my machine, so the seam isn't stretchy and rips. Well, nobody is perfect... but I've learned a lot again. This time about sewing with jersey.

Next week I'll try to make my own breastfeeding pillow and its cover... I will tell you about the little catastrophes that without doubt will occur ;-) !

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