Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

Look who I found in my garden today :-)

Do you know him?

It's "My neighbour Totoro" - one of my favourite figures of the Studio Ghibli films. He's so cute and calm and slow and cozy...
So I decided to make a Totoro music box for the baby. Who wouldn't be calm and balanced with a music box like that? :-)

I ordered a special baby music box - one that you can wash (The melody is "Somewhere over the rainbow" by the way). And then I made the stuffed Totoro all around it.

It took me some weals on my fingers and a lot of time, but I'm really proud of the result. I could keep cuddling him all the time :-)

Here are some more pics. For the last ones I turned him around, so you can see his back, too.


  1. This totoro plushie is so cute I had to show it off! ^^)

  2. Hey Cristina, sorry for the lack of news, still need to reply your last email. In the meantime here is my version of Totoro... not quite as nice as yours!