Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

Small but handsome ;-)

The last couple of days I made some easy little sewing projects.
The first one is a cover for Lucas' medical checkup book. I like it but I had to see that I need much more practice with appliqué... The letters looked great at first but when I did the edges I spoiled it. ... Never mind... it still looks cute.
Inside I made a little pocket for the insurance card and the vaccination certificate booklet.

And this is the other project - hmmm, it doesn't really deserve the name "project" because I made it in no time from the leftovers of the ipod cover.
It's a crackle cloth (or how do you call it?) It makes a little crackle sound when you squeeze it.
I thought it would be fun for little Lucas - and it is :-)


  1. Fred d'Allemagne16. Juni 2011 um 00:59

    Hello! I really love the cover you have made. The colours are great and the little pocket inside is so handy! A friend of mine in France wants to make something similar for me but the size of the book is different in France. Do you think you could give me the measurement of your cover (including the little pocket)?

  2. Hey Fred!
    Thank you so much for your comments! I love to get some feedback!
    And sorry that I didn't answer earlier but I was busy. My days are too short lately ;-)
    But here is the measurement:
    Booklet: 15 x 21 cm.
    Cover (it is one lare part): 50 x 22cm (inner part left side: 13cm width/ inner part right:7cm width)
    Pocket: 10 x 12 cm

    I hope I could help :-)
    And show me the result if you like!

  3. Fred d'Allemagne20. Juni 2011 um 03:39

    That's great thanks! Just sent the measurements to my friend, let's see if she makes it or if I will have to do it myself at some point.

    I will show you the result as soon as I have it!

    I've been thinking of starting a blog like yours for a while now. Are you happy with Is it easy to use?

    No worries by the way about the late reply, I guess little Lucas needs a lot of attention :)

  4. Hey Fred!

    I'm very happy with It's very easy to start a blog in here and the tools for writing the posts, add photos or videos etc. are easy to handle, too.
    And it includes great google statistics! You are able to see how many people visit your blog, where they come from and how they found your blog. Really interesting.
    So... I would say: Get startet! I'm really curious to get to know more about you ;-)

  5. Fred d'Allemagne23. Juni 2011 um 06:00

    I think I am going to get started then... Just trying to think of a name now. As soon as I am kind of ready I will add you in my list of blogs I read :)

  6. and here it is. I have to thank you, without your nice and simple looking blog I might not have had started mine.