Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

I proudly present... first skirt!
I started to visit a sewing workshop lately and this is my first project. I decided to start sewing some clothes which I avoided in the past. As you know I'm kind of an improvising sewer :-) and this is ok for most of my projects. I start them with a vague idea of the result and while sewing I adjust the project until I like it.
But for clothes my strategy doesn't work! That's why I avoided to sew clothing projects, because my failure was certain. :-)
So I decided to use this workshop to learn to sew properly. I made this skirt from the Burda pattern 7531. It's a simple one, but I modified it a little bit. Instead of two front parts and two back parts I made only one front and one back part. And I changed the darts from horizontal to vertical.
I must say that it's fun to sew having someone at your side giving you advice. And I'm proud of the result. I made the zipper, the edges, the inner parts all by myself and it looks almost like a bought skirt. I will sew some more for sure.
And I hope to sew some wrap tops, too. But this depends on the pattern that the sewing teacher will hopefully make for me. I will keep you updated.

Here are some pics of my work:


  1. It's lovely! I hope you enjoy sewing more clothes.

  2. Congratulations! It looks great. Making a skirt is kind of scary because it leaves much less space to improvisation than, say, felt food! The result is very rewarding though and one can then make a full wardrobe of unique self-made pieces of clothing!