Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

New Baby Project


Although the summer days kept me outside most of the time I managed to finish the nesting for the baby bed. Finally... Lucas is putting his feet (and lately his legs, too) through the bars of the bed for a while now and as he becomes more and more mobile it was high time. So I'm really released that he is safe now and I like the fabric of the nesting a lot.
And this time I haven't had any problems. I layed the white fabric (for the back) on the batting and then the patterned fabric with its right side down on top of the white fabric. Then I put the bows between the two fabrics and fixed them. After that I sewed it together (first by hand, then by machine to get a neat result) and left open 1o to 15 cm of the lower seem to turn it inside out. Now I needed to make an invisible seem (I used the mattress-stich) and then machine quilted the whole nesting. That's all. Easy, isn't it?

And here it is:

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  1. It looks great! I must admit that mine are not home-made (or at least not by me) - not enough time and energy ;)
    I need to look at this "mattress-seam", I've encountered the name before but do not know what it looks like nor how to make it.

    Have a lovely day