Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Warm and cozy - my first handmade sleeping bag

Finally I find some time to show you my latest project. Lucas ran out of sleeping bags and so I've decided to sew one. It was not really cheaper then buying one though - only the fabric cost almost 40 € - but I wanted a soft baby towelling and a nice cotton fabric for it. And I believe it was really worth it. The sleeping bag is soft and cuddly, just like I wanted it to be.

Now, here are the pictures. As you will see the zipper doesn't match perfectly, but it was a really great bargain ;-)

Oh yes... I forgot to tell you how I made it.
I really have to begin to make tutorial fotos... but, you know, when I'm in the creative process I am really chaotic and uncoordinated, yes sometimes totally illogical and messy... Nothing I'm proud of and I would like to document. :-) And to be honest showing you a perfect (although artificial) work in progress would prolong the project so much and I'm so impatient while crafting :-).

But here's how I made it:
I laid one of Lucas' sleepingbags on paper and copied the form to get a pattern. After cutting out the four parts (two for the inside, two for the outside) I sewed two separate sleeping bags and put the red  one into the blue one (left side on left side). Then I sewed both bags together on the arms and shoulders (yes, the seem is visible and ugly up to this point).
After that I inserted the zipper in between the red and the blue fabric. Finally I finished the edges on the shoulder and axle with bias tape (now its nice) and pinned the press buttons on. It was a real fast and satisfying project. I'm sure it wasn't the last sleeping bag I made. So... try it yourself if you like ;-)


  1. He is such a big boy already!!
    Very nice sleeping bag, quick question though: how did you install the press-studs?

    1. Hi Fred!

      How's the house moving going on?
      I bought the press-studs at our locas fabricshop. I think they are from "wenco". Anyway, you can get them where you can also buy sewing supplies. They are delivered with everithing you need to fix them and cost about 6€ I think. And there are different colours, too.
      Have a nice day,

  2. Hello! Sorry for the late reply, I had forgotten that I don't get emails when you reply ;)
    Moving house is over, it went well. Just need to set everything up again but that should be soon done. Not that many boxes left already!
    Thanks for the tip, I'll have a look for the press studs because I think it is quite handy to have some.

    Going to try to start posting on my blog again, if baby N. let's me :)

    A good day to you too!