Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

I would do anything...

... to get a heartwarming smile from my baby!

That's why I made various mobiles to hang up all over the place.
At first I made a sweet birdie mobile. He loves it:

Then I got a little more ambitious and made a whole forest mobile for the babies room. We haven't tried it out because the crib isn't ready yet and I want to hang it above it. But I worked many hours to make the animals and some of them look really cute:

Then I thought that a little mobile above the changing table would be nice. So I made a really fast butterfly mobile which the baby loves. After waking up in the morning he really is as merry as a lark when he sees his beloved butterflies:

And a few weeks ago I read that babies can only appreciate light and dark contrasts at first. So I made a very, very simple mobile with what I call coloured fried eggs ;-) He loves this mobile, too.
But I really have to say that he is fascinated by any mobile. It's really satisfying to make mobiles for this baby! Perhaps there will follow some more ;-)


  1. Euer Goldjunge ist ja echt begeistert! Supersüß! Wir freuen uns schon auf den Besuch. Vielleicht an einem der kommende Samstage im April? Hatte Deinem Mann bescheid gegeben. :-)

    Best wishes

  2. Fred d'Allemagne24. März 2011 um 10:37

    Really sweet mobiles! I love making them and I have already some in mind for our little one. Yours are good inspiration though :)

  3. Absolutely fantastic :) absolutely fantastic, it highlights a very sensitive soul.