Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

Look at my big haul !

Sunday I went to a fabric market better to say to the best fabric market I ever went to.
And of course I couldn't control myself. I bought and bought and bought and you wouldn't believe it but I could have been buying even more if I had taken more money with me... But for god's sake I didn't. Who knows what would have happened... :-)

But it really was worth it. Here is my prey (click to enlarge the fotos):

These are for some baby projects:

I bought these because they were so cute :-) :

This will be for a skirt, I think:

With this one I wanna make some cozy pants for my baby boy:

This oil cloth is perfect for a bag or tote:

And these will be skirts some day, too...

And of course I also had to buy some sewing supplies.
I can never resist nice ribbons :-)

And you always need some supplies in case you make yourself a bag, you know:

And, as my boy is named Lucas I had to buy some "l"s - just as a precaution for the future. I don't know yet what their destination will be, but they will be used for sure :


  1. Fred d'Allemagne31. März 2011 um 11:49

    Oh my! I can't imagine the cost of all those marvellous supplies! I wish I knew of a fabric market around where I live... I'd spend fortunes!
    The forest-themed fabrics look great, looking forward to seeing what you will make of them!

  2. Hey Fred!

    I´m sure that this market will be somewhere near you! It's called stoffmarkt holland ( and they tour all around Germany. Check out their website to know the cities where they stop.
    And ... yes... I did spend a lot of money ;-) But it felt sooooo good. Other women shop cosmetics or shoes - I definitively fall for fabrics and crafting supplies :-)