Dienstag, 8. März 2011

I'm back - and I have something NEW to show you!

Wow! It´s been a looong time since the last post! It seems like an eternity for me because since then my whole life changed.
And here´s why:

This is Lucas who was born in january and kept us busy the last eight weeks. And although it´s been said thousands of times it is true that you can´t really imagine how a child changes your life till you have one yourself. It means so much more work, stress, worries, sleeplessness, sometimes even dispair, but on the other hand the joy and happiness you feel is so overwhelming and above all you experience a love that you didn´t even know before. It almost hurts. ...
It really was said so often and yet... I've never imagined that it would feel like this :-) ...

In the last weeks before his birth I was busy painting his nursery. I had a forest room in mind but I didn't know if it would work out. All I knew was that I wanted to paint it myself and not to use any wall decals. And I painted... and painted... and was happy because it worked out... but I got a little stressed, because it took so long and the estimated birth date came nearer and nearer. - But fortunetly my friend Maike was right: Babies wait to be born 'til their nursery is ready :-)

Here are some impressions of the baby's room. I'm really proud of the result and can't wait Lucas to move in there. At the moment he still sleeps in our bedroom (that's also the reason why you will be missing the crib in the nursery - it isn't set yet).

Now look ... here's a general view (click on the images to enlarge them if you like):

And now I wanna show you some details.
I'll start with some painted animals and plants ...

..and here is part of the decoration!

...granny's embroidered levelling board:

... a mushroom stool:

... a tree with two owls that were a showcase decoration in a fashion store before:

... some creatures :-)

... my selfmade felt garland:

... and last but not least, some of the lamps:

So...? What do you think? Do you like it as much as I do?
I still have some ideas to complete it... and of course I will show them to you when they're ready.


  1. Wunderschön und gaaaanz viel Liebe drin. Hast Du die Wandmotive gemalt oder Daniel? Alles ist toll geworden. :-)

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Und der Raum ist einfach fabelhaft und wunderschön. So einen hätte ich auch gern.

  3. Fred d'Allemagne12. März 2011 um 00:52

    Wow the bedroom looks absolutely amazing! Congratulations on the baby, he looks so sweet :)
    Discovered your blog through Daniel Lieske's blog, house-wife I love making "stuff" and I think your blog might inspire some new creations.
    Any chance that you'd share the pattern for Totoro? And where did you get the music-box? I am a mother-to-be also living in Germany, and looking into making lovely toys and decorations for the baby.

  4. @Fred d'Allemagne...

    I'm sorry... I didn't work with a pattern for Totoro. It was all trial and error. As you can see at the photos Totoro's body consists of three parts that all look like almonds. His bottom looks like a curved triangle...
    To be honest I cut some fabric and sewed it together provisorily and then recut it till it fitted... ;-) It was a huge improvisation. Also the embroidery for the face developed during I was making it. - So, sorry, but I have no pattern. But if I have a little time I'll try to make one from the finished Totoro.

  5. Fred d'Allemagne18. März 2011 um 04:18

    Hello! I didn't get the opportunity to come back to check your answer earlier, sorry. Thanks so much for replying, I guess I will give it a try, just need the right colour (will print the pic before going to the shop to get an idea.)
    And how about the music-box? Where did you find it?

  6. @Fred
    oh, yes, the musicbox! sorry, i forgot. There's a german shop www.spieluhr.de with many, many different musicboxes. hope you find one that pleases you.
    greets :-)

  7. Fred d'Allemagne18. März 2011 um 09:48

    Great thanks, I'm having a look straight away!
    Freundliche Grüße