Montag, 16. Mai 2011

I love papier maché

This is my first papier maché project and I must say that I loved working with it. It is easy to handle and the result is great.
First I made a skeleton of wire-mesh fence. (hmmm. I really should start making fotos of the working steps ;-) ) and fixed it to the board which was a chopping board by the way. And luckily it had a little metal holder which is perfect to hang it up. I formed the antlers with a simple wire.
Then I fixed paper shreds with wallpaper glue on the skeleton. And after it dried I painted it with acrylics. At first I wanted it to look like a realistic but colouful deer trophy, but then, when I modelled the eyes I loved the comic version .
I hope the next project becomes even better and really I encourage you to try it, too. (It´s rainy today so I made the fotos with flash... Without the glow effects it looks even better ;-) )

1 Kommentar:

  1. The result is amazing, well done... quite better than a real one i might add, it's perfectly "cruelty free".
    Keep it up