Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

My first Collage

As I told you I was working on a little project and here it is.
It's a christening present for my friend's daughter - and my goddaughter by the way ;-).

I took the idea from a book by Bine Brändle. In the 90s she was elected Germanys best do-it-yourselfer and got a slot on a daily TV-show where she presented her projects. In this book she compiles her art and crafting ideas and shows part of her colourful home.
I think it's really gorgeous.

And here is her idea for a Pop-Art-Collage. She made it with coloured copies which she glued to a canvas.

My version is a little different: I made coloured copies, too, but I also used present paper in the background. But at first I made a mistake: I put the fotos of the baby on the present paper and it looked great, but when I applied the final varnish the fotos became transparent and the present paper shined through. grr... so I had to make it again. And this time I cut out the silhouette of the baby from the present paper first and then glued the heads ... But hey... the second version looks even better then the first one, I think :-)
Here's the result:

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