Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Let's say it's a compromise

To be honest I don't like the apple products... o.k. I admit that the design is good... yeah, well the functions are good, too... o.k. ... but ... hmm... this whole i-marketing really, really annoys me! Ipad, Ipod, Imac, Iphone, Itunes, etc. etc. ...
But lately my husband passed his old Ipod on to me. (yes... because he bought an iphone, of course... really guys, what is it with it?)
And... *sigh*... the ipod was too sexy to repell it... I was too weak. Shame on me. But I really wasn't ready to become an I-owner... I had bitched too often about it. And I have my proud, you know. And... grrrr... to use the ipod properly it is necessary to use itunes. And this would mean that apple finally gets me. I really was in kind of a dilemma.
So the ipod layed in my crafting room for weeks and I tried to forget it. But yesterday I finally decided to take this symbol of mainstream to my territory. I forced it to be (at least a little bit) individual - and I don't mean the engraving on the back. No! I made it the crafting way: I made a hippy-like ipod case! Yes... It's colourful, it's unconventional, it's unique and all above: It's imperfect!!!

Here it is:

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