Samstag, 5. November 2011

Back again!

Ok... help me out... when did I write the last post again? What? Are you kidding me? In august? ... 1,2....3 months??? No way! ... What did I do all this time?

hmmm, let me think about it...

At first we went on a large summer vacation to Spain and presented little Lucas to his great-grandparents and to a huge amount of relatives and showed him the beautiful forests, the beaches, the sea... This project took us almost four weeks.

But wow... this seems an eternity away. What did I do after that? Oh... yes, I remember. When we came back there was a lot of work waiting for us, all above for my husband who had to travel a lot. So I was two weeks alone with the baby and was busy mastering our daily live.

And in between I was really lazy and didn't create much. I made a wedding present for friends, but forgot to make a foto of it...*facepalm*
But some days ago I made some autumn-decorations which I hope to show you soon.

But now that the days are short, the weather becomes worse (although we have a wonderful autumn with 20°C at the moment) and I'm joining a new sewing class on monday I hope to get some things done.

So... I'm looking forward to share my projects with you again and would love to have some feedback, ideas, inspiration, critics or just some chats with you guys.

I'm looking forward to a crafty autumn or rather winter ;-)

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  1. Hey you're back! Photos are great, Lucas seems to be growing well :)
    Things aren't always easy with my baby girl but I still manage to do some sewing... too many things planned though, let's see how much I will actually make. If you want ideas check out my last post, I definitely recommand this piece of clothing.
    Have a lovely day