Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

Making the season bright!

Isn't it incredible? Only two days until Christmas Eve! Do you have everything ready?
Unfortunately this year I didn't have the time to make any handmade presents. But since this Christmas is the first one as little family I tried to sew some decorations for our home.
The idea was to make a Christmas ornament each day in december and show it to you... but I realised that there would be many ornaments of the same kind and it would be too boring. And to be honest, I didn't manage to make one a day... how could I've ever expected that to happen? :-) But, well, I made enough of them to decorate the tree and with some bought stuff it'll look nice, I hope.

We will have a red-white tree this year and I have some more ornaments in the pipeline... perhaps I can share them with you tomorrow.

And here's a quick tablerunner and some napkins which I sewed this afternoon. Our table is superlong and yesterday on a little Christmasshopping I saw this perfect fabric for it.

And typically this post post would end here but I really really have to share something with you.
As I told you I went shopping yesterday... I was looking for some ornaments (just in case I woudn't finish mine ;-) ) I was strolling through our little city when suddenly I couldn't believe my eyes!
Look what I saw yesterday - 21st december by the way!

Yeah! Right! Easter Decoration! Easter won't be before April 2012!!! It's crazy.
Christmas sale starts on august and Easter sale on december!?! And the best was that there weren't any Christmas articles left. Nothing but some sad little bows... But never mind. Next year I'll hang some rabbits and eggs on the tree and leave it in the livingroom until Easter. Less work. :-)

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  1. Buying seasonal decorations at the wrong time of the year usually works well for the money purse ;)

    I absolutely love your white decorations!!! The colours, the little button in the centre, this just looks so perfect and professional!

    I am almost all set for Christmas, just one last thing to finish and wrap. Articles are scheduled to be posted - 5 until the 1st of January! Just left to pack for the holiday and enjoy the time with husband and child!

    Merry Christmas Cristina!