Sonntag, 27. November 2011

There it is... Advent!

This year I was really looking forward to it. Christmas seems so magic when you have a kid around! Although Lucas is only 10 months old he enjoys the illuminated city with all its twinkling lights. Friday started the Christmasmarket in our town and you could see his amazement as we where visiting it.
Here are some impressions of the market for you. I hope you can apreciate the atmosphere although these are low quality mobile pics.

And today's not only the first sunday of Advent but also my nieces' 9th birthday. And she wished for an Adventcalendar. So I started crafting and made a wood deer on which I hang all 24 presents (well, better to say 25 because she has one extra birthday present on it ;-) ).
It measures aproximately 1,00 x 0,80m and is made out of chipboard.
I saw the idea 10 years ago in a magazine, cut out the foto and stored it since this year when I finally got the chance to realize it. Therefore I made a pattern and copied it onto the chipboard, then I cut it out with a compass saw, screwed it toghether and painted it. At last I drilled a hook into the back of the deer and hang the presents on it. 
And here it is. At first the front side: 

 And now the backside:

So... I hope my niece will enjoy it and to all of you I wish a delightful Advent! 
(And as my Adventdecorations are the same then last year, you can check them out here if you like :-) )

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  1. Fantastic! I love the deer-idea :) I bet your niece will be amazed and you will be the best auntie ever!!
    Christmas markets have also begun here, it is every year a pleasure to stroll in town with the lights, the smell of mulled wine and other things. I will not do it "by night" this year though because it gets really cold and the little one is too small. Next year she will enjoy the lights.