Samstag, 26. November 2011

Wedding part 2

A few days ago I showed you the guestbook-masks I made for our friends' wedding. Now I wanna show you part 2 of the wedding present. I saw the idea on pinterest and thought that it would perfectly go with the modern style that bride and groom have at home. So I made a typographic design in black and white. It tells in very short terms the stages of their relationship.
For the realisation I used Adobe Photoshop but I had to compose the text word by word because photoshop doesn't support the "grouped style". It took me like three hours, I think.
At first I planned to paint the image by hand on canvas but as the surface was very uneven I decided to order it on a printshop and I was very satisfied with the result. I never would have achieved such a neat and sharp font with handpainting. So it was a good decision, I guess.


  1. Brilliant, you have great ideas. What did the happy couple say?

  2. :-) Yes, they liked it a lot, fortunately. So it was worth the effort. I saw a lot of this script art lately. With colours and different fonts. A houseblessing would be nice for example or a Christmas carol text nicely framed... Perhaps I'll make another one. We'll see.